Hyper+Grace: Biblically Confronting Current False-Grace Heresies



Hyper-Grace:  Biblically Confronting Current False-Grace Heresies

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Publication Date: May 9, 2014

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The deceptions sweeping the church are multiplying, to no surprise. The only thing of relative surprise is the lack of sufficient resources to counter it. There will always be weeds in within the wheat, but we don’t have to hand knives and forks to the wolves for their lamb-chops.

It’s time for the church to stand up, use the sword of the Spirit, and cut off their hand if that is required, to catch the little foxes, or sometimes big fat ones, that are, truly, ruining many vineyards.

These are not trivial things, nor are they grey areas. They are outright deceptions and manipulations of the Word, bolstered on charisma and popularity. In the guise of liberty, they bring a seduction of senility that binds people where they are at. True freedom, true grace, brings us to the cross, and bids us “Come ye here and die.” True Christianity is not looking up at the cross at our savior, but dying up upon there with Him.

As true as it has been in all time, this generation of preachers needs this clarion wake-up call:

Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame.

1 Corinthians 15:34


This book will answer:

  • What is Grace?
  • Is there a false grace?
  • Why is there so much focus on Grace today?
  • What is the place of the Law?
  • What is repentance, and how does it factor into the life of a believer?
  • Is there such a thing as a restoration of Grace happening today? If so, is there a counterfeit?
  • What is the Bible’s view on ‘Grace’?
  • Does God care about our sin once we’re saved?
  • What does the Finished Works of the Cross accomplish?
  • What won’t the Finished Works of the Cross do?
  • What is the duty of a Christian once they’re saved, and why isn’t this a “works salvation”?
  • What are some of the common misconceptions about Grace?
  • When are we born again?
  • What is the nature of hell and is it eternal?
  • Are we by nature good?
  • What are some of the things people actually wrongly teaching about Grace today?
  • How do I keep myself from error?
  • What are the six foundations of the faith and how do they keep me from errors concerning Grace?

This book can either be informative on the basics of true Grace in comparison to the many false faces offered today, or it can become a tutorial on how to righteously, yet effectively, and aggressively, confront and challenge the current false Grace teachings.

Included are numerous scriptural references on why the Christian should not be afraid to engage in debate with people even in gross error, as well as what not to do, and when to walk away. Reading this book will both equip you to be aware of the deceptions in the wider body of Christ, as well as prime you to effectively and intelligently refute them.

Don’t think your church is immune to this threat, because it isn’t!

You will also find references on,

  • Who and what Biblically are heretics and heresies?
  • What is ‘Anathema’? Why did Paul use it? When should we?
  • Should we judge? Are we allowed to judge? What are the Biblical guidelines for judgment?
  • How can I expect a discussion with a false-grace advocate to go these days?
  • What are the proper guidelines for talking to someone, especially when they are hostile or twisting the Word of God for their own purpose?
  • How can I expect them to twist scripture?
  • Does God judge us today?
  • What is proper Biblical etiquette for having a conversation? And, what do you do if they don’t have it?Expect to be challenged to live a life of bold faith cultivated in a heart of intimacy. Expect a message straight out of “All the Words in Red”, as well as a systematic basis for understanding why Jesus’ words are the only framework for discussing Christianity. Be prepared see the heart of Jesus reflected in the Sermon on the Mount, and to be challenged to walk in greater love, not only in your personal life, but even when dealing with those who are in error.


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