The Perfect Storm Prophetic Headlines

Things to Come

 Date: August 31, 2012

Excerpts of things to come in the coming Perfect Storm, as foretold by John Paul Jackson at the Blue Moon Conference.

Listen to an MP3 of this portion of his message relating to The Perfect Storm:  John Paul Jackson on The Coming Perfect Storm.

Quoting John Paul Jackson:

Magma wants to come to the surface and tectonic plates begin to move, all because the warring in mankind and our influence in everything we touch, whether we know it or not.

And He began to talk to me about earthquake in various places, and things that would happen.

Like, two feet of hail would fall in one day.  And, that happened this spring. He began to talk to me about signs and wonders that would begin to happen.

He began to tell me about a Hurricane  so large it would cover 500 miles wide when it hit the American coast.

Prophetic Headlines

“Prophetic Headlines”, those which are prophesied to appear in the Secular News outlets in the coming season

Other Information and Disclaimer(s)

For a comparable list of prophetic headlines, consider Terry Bennett’s list. John Paul Jackson is the founder and head of Streams Ministries.  This website is in no means affiliated with him or any other ministry or organization referenced.  Articles are cited merely for their relevance to the aforementioned headline, either for (or possibly against), and their inclusion here in no means constitutes an endorsement of their content, their source, their author, or any other thing.  These are put forward explicitly NOT as endorsements, NOR as confirmations of the actual prediction of the headline prophecy directly.

They are merely presented here to represent the mounting evidence and likelihood of these events being confirmed within the near future (John Paul Jackson has indicated an approximate “ten-year” time frame, which is what I indicate as the “near”). Again, simply because an article is referenced here in no way constitutes anything, other than the simple fact that someone (me) thought the article was somewhat informative or possibly indicating the likely probability of the prophesied headline occurring.  Yet, let it not be stressed enough, that the outcome of these events is *NOT* therefore the result of mere natural processes and the outcome of political, economic, geological, religious, and biological eventualities, but that, AS FORETOLD, these are directly the “wake-up” call (aka, judgment, if you will) of God, to the World, the United States, and most notably, God’s Church.  As explained in the teaching, these things will continue until America cries out to God.

That is all, take it or leave it.  But, when these things begin to happen, look up, and call on Heaven.

With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright;

Psalm 18:25